Tuesday, May 15, 2007

They're not so big.

They're not very Giant at all. In fact, the pitchers from the San Francisco Giants who have hit Craig Biggio with a pitch have the third shortest average height of any team that has plunked Biggio. 15 pitchers have plunked Biggio for the Giants (a total of 19 times), and the average height of those 15 is 6 feet 1.53 inches. Only two teams have had a smaller average height for Biggio plunkers - the Braves at 6 feet 1.43 inches and the Reds at 6 feet 1.39 inches. The Giants pitchers haven't been particularly massive either, with an average weight 198.9 pounds, which ranks in the 14th among the 23 teams in the club.

If the Giants could combine every pitcher who ever plunked Biggio into an actual Giant, with a height and weight equal to the total combined height and weight of those pitchers, their Giant would stand 91 feet 11 inches tall and weigh 2,983 pounds - about a ton and a half. But, that giant pitcher made of Giants pitchers would be looking up to the the giant pitchers formed by the pitchers who have plunked Biggio from 7 other teams. The Cardinals giant pitcher would be the largest, standing 130 feet 3 inches and weighing 4,195 pounds. He'd be made of 21 different pitchers.

Here are the average heights and weights of all the pitchers who have plunked Biggio, broken out by team:
TeamPitchersAvg. HtAvg. WtCombined HtCombined Wt
A's16' 5"2056' 5"205
Yankees16' 4"2256' 4"225
Cubs126' 3.25"207.1775' 3"2,486
Indians16' 3"2006' 3"200
White Sox26' 3"197.512' 6"395
Royals26' 3"202.512' 6"405
Pirates206' 2.85"199.2124' 9"3,984
Brewers156' 2.73"203.2793' 5"3,049
Padres126' 2.58"201.574' 7"2,418
Cardinals216' 2.43"199.76130' 3"4,195
Marlins146' 2.43"196.0786' 10"2,745
Rockies186' 2.39"202.06111' 7"3,637
Dodgers86' 2.25"195.7549' 6"1,566
Mets176' 2.24"207.12105' 2"3,521
Rangers56' 2.2"191.0030' 11"955
Twins16' 2"208.006' 2"208
Orioles26' 2"182.5.012' 4"365
Diamondbacks96' 2"196.5655' 6"1,769
Phillies146' 1.93"198.8686' 3"2,784
Expos/Nats146' 1.86"202.5780' 0"2,836
Giants156' 1.53"198.8791' 11"2,983
Braves76' 1.43"19042' 10"1,330
Reds186' 1.39"193.17110' 1"3,477

Please note that I have no proof that the Giants are trying to create a 92 foot pitcher, or ever have, and I'm not suggesting they would. But, I think there is reason to believe that if some laboratory, perhaps in the Bay Area, were to help create such a genetic mutant, the Giants would be happy to employ it and see what records it broke. I'm sure the league has no rules against such a thing, and the players association would oppose the creation of any such rules.


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