Thursday, June 14, 2007

even more stuff about Jason Kendall

Craig Biggio's plunkless streak has now reached 48 consecutive games, tying for the 7th longest of his career, but Jason Kendall is also in a significant HBP slump. Kendall has gone 23 consecutive games without being hit, and that's tied for the 12th longest of his career. If he goes another week without being hit, he'll be in his 4th longest plunkless streak ever. Kendall has only gone 30 or more games without being hit by a pitch 3 times - a 31 game streak in 1999, a 34 game streak in 2000, and his career long 50 game plunkless streak in 2001.

With only 3 plunks this season, Kendall is well below his career average of 19 plunks per year. If he can get back on that pace, Kendall can contend for the all time HBP record in late 2010 or early 2011. While plunks are inherently unpredictable, and difficult to project, his current pace would give him 8 for this season. You can never tell with these things if that's just a one year dip or a declining trend, but to keep playing into 2011, he'll need to stay healthy, and probably pick up his hitting above his .210 average this season. He turns 33 years old in 12 days, and if 8 plunks a season a regular thing for him, he'll need to keep playing to age 42 to have a shot at the plunk title.

By playing for a team in each league, Jason Kendall has managed to be hit by 28 of the 30 major league franchises, missing (or missed by) only Toronto and Pittsburgh (he has never played his former team). Biggio, playing solely in the NL, has only been hit by 23 different teams. But, Kendall has only been hit 18 times at most by any one team (the Reds), but Biggio's been hit at least that many times by 7 teams, with a career high of 32 against the Rockies. Kendall, also due to playing for teams in both leagues, has gotten hit in 35 different ballparks, to Biggio's 30. And, while Biggio has been plunked most often by pitchers born under the zodiac sign Sagittarius, with 29, Kendall's plunks by Sagittarii are tied with those thrown by Pisces with 25 each. They've both been hit most often by pitchers born in the Chinese year of the Snake, with 38 for Biggio and 29 for Kendall.

Kendall has been plunked once on his own birthday, on June 26, 1998, and on September 15, 1998 he was hit in both games of a double header. Craig Biggio has never done either of those things, mostly because his birthday is in December, and the Astros play in a dome, causing a scarcity of double headers in Biggio's career.

Below is the complete list of pitchers that have plunked Jason Kendall. The number of times each has plunked Biggio is in parenthesis, and those plunks which resulted in Kendall scoring a run are marked with an "r".

Jamey Wright (4)8/5/1998 at COL r
8/5/1998 at COL
6/28/2001 at MIL
9/5/2001 at MIL
7/13/2002 vs MIL r
8/14/2004 at COL
Ryan Dempster5/22/1999 vs FLO
7/17/2002 at CIN
7/3/2003 at CIN
7/3/2003 at CIN
Chan Ho Park (3)6/26/1998 vs LAN r
5/31/1999 at LAN
8/9/2001 at LAN r
4/18/2005 vs TEX
Kevin Brown (2)6/21/1996 vs FLO
5/21/1998 at SDN
5/14/2005 at NYA r
Paul Byrd (2)6/23/1999 vs PHI r
7/21/2000 at PHI r
8/11/2005 at ANA
Matt Clement (2)5/27/2003 vs CHN r
5/28/2004 at CHN r
5/17/2005 at BOS
Wayne Franklin7/7/2003 vs MIL
8/22/2003 vs MIL
8/22/2003 vs MIL
Shane Reynolds8/19/1996 vs HOU
4/4/2000 at HOU
8/31/2003 at ATL
Dave Weathers4/24/1996 at FLO
6/13/1996 at FLO r
4/16/2004 vs NYN r
Antonio Alfonseca5/20/1999 vs FLO
6/7/2001 vs FLO
John Burkett5/26/2001 vs ATL
6/5/2003 at BOS r
Danny Darwin (1)9/1/1996 at HOU r
8/23/1997 at SFN
Adam Eaton4/29/2003 vs SDN r
9/5/2006 at TEX r
Joe Fontenot5/23/1998 vs FLO r
5/23/1998 vs FLO
Mark Hutton8/9/1997 vs COL
5/9/1998 at CIN r
Mike Jackson (1)9/3/1997 at CLE
4/6/2001 vs HOU
Cory Lidle (2)6/22/1997 vs NYN
6/19/2002 at OAK
Mike Maddux4/6/1999 at MON r
6/1/1999 at LAN
Wade Miller7/7/2002 at HOU
5/14/2003 at HOU
Matt Morris (1)7/5/1997 vs SLN r
8/16/1998 vs SLN
Robb Nen4/28/1998 vs SFN r
8/11/2002 vs SFN
Mark Prior5/22/2002 vs CHN
9/15/2004 vs CHN
John Riedling4/9/2001 at CIN
9/18/2002 at CIN r
John Smiley (1)4/30/1996 vs CIN r
7/17/1997 at CIN
Todd Stottlemyre7/6/1997 vs SLN
5/6/1998 at SLN
Kevin Tapani9/10/1998 vs CHN
5/5/2000 vs CHN r
Brett Tomko6/11/1997 vs CIN
7/28/2003 vs SLN
Steve Trachsel9/28/1996 vs CHN
4/24/1997 vs CHN
Javier Vazquez5/16/1999 at MON r
5/23/2006 vs CHA
Chris Young7/17/2005 at TEX
7/22/2005 vs TEX r
Juan Acevedo (1)7/15/1997 at NYN r
Pedro Astacio (7)9/8/1996 vs LAN
Manuel Aybar (1)9/19/1997 at SLN
Brian Bannister5/15/2007 at KCA
Miguel Batista (2)5/11/2003 at ARI
Shayne Bennett5/31/1998 at MON
Willie Blair (2)6/6/2000 at DET
Brian Boehringer4/25/1998 vs SDN
Boof Bonser6/1/2006 at MIN r
Ricky Bottalico4/28/1997 vs PHI
Travis Bowyer9/19/2005 at MIN
Dave Burba6/10/1997 vs CIN
Chris Capuano (1)5/17/2003 vs ARI r
Hector Carrasco (1)6/8/2005 vs WAS
Scott Cassidy6/29/2006 vs SDN
Juan Cerros9/8/2003 vs CIN r
Mark Clark (2)9/4/1998 at CHN r
Brad Clontz4/30/1998 at LAN r
Francisco Cordero7/17/2005 at TEX
Jesse Crain8/4/2005 vs MIN r
Juan Cruz (1)9/28/2003 vs CHN
Jeff D'Amico (1)9/23/2000 vs MIL r
Vic Darensbourg6/5/2001 vs FLO
Elmer Dessens4/30/2000 at CIN
R.A. Dickey9/24/2005 at TEX
Octavio Dotel9/16/2000 vs HOU
Scott Downs7/5/2000 vs CHN r
Justin Duchscherer6/12/2004 vs OAK r
Leo Estrella (1)8/24/2003 vs MIL
Alex Fernandez5/23/1999 vs FLO
Kevin Foster9/20/1996 at CHN
Ryan Franklin6/23/2005 vs SEA
Eric Gagne4/25/2001 vs LAN
Mark Gardner (5)8/13/1996 at SFN r
Jon Garland7/2/2005 at CHA r
Gary Glover9/6/2004 at MIL
Edgar Gonzalez8/24/2004 at ARI
Dwight Gooden6/9/1998 vs CLE r
Mike Grace7/1/1999 at PHI r
Danny Graves (1)4/4/2001 vs CIN r
Zack Greinke8/5/2005 vs KCA
Mark Guthrie (1)8/18/1998 at LAN r
Luther Hackman4/30/2003 vs SDN
Mike Hampton5/13/1998 vs HOU
Travis Harper5/7/2006 at TBA
LaTroy Hawkins6/17/1997 vs MIN
Jimmy Haynes (1)4/11/2004 vs CIN
Dustin Hermanson (2)4/2/1998 vs MON
Livan Hernandez (1)5/22/1998 vs FLO
Craig House8/8/2000 vs COL
J.P. Howell9/9/2006 vs TBA
Luke Hudson4/30/2006 vs KCA r
Tim Hudson6/11/2004 vs OAK
Jason Isringhausen8/27/2004 at SLN
Jose Jimenez (1)8/8/2003 vs COL r
Bobby Jones4/16/2000 at NYN r
Doug Jones6/18/1998 vs MIL
Mike Judd7/18/2000 vs LAN r
Jeff Juden (1)6/21/1998 vs MIL r
Joe Kennedy (1)8/15/2004 at COL
Darryl Kile (1)6/25/1997 vs HOU
Sun-Woo Kim (1)7/9/2004 vs MON
Danny Kolb8/1/2004 vs MIL r
John Lackey9/26/2005 at ANA
Al Leiter (3)9/2/2005 at NYA r
Mark Leiter (3)5/10/1996 at SFN
Curt Leskanic (1)8/23/1996 vs COL
Allen Levrault (1)9/4/2001 at MIL r
Jon Lieber (1)7/3/2000 vs CHN
Jose Lima9/16/2000 vs HOU
Albie Lopez9/1/1997 at CLE
Mike MacDougal8/21/2005 at KCA
Scott MacRae9/7/2001 at CIN
John Maine8/28/2005 vs BAL
Ramon Martinez4/11/1997 at LAN
T.J. Mathews5/21/1997 vs SLN
Troy Mattes6/24/2001 at MON
Brandon McCarthy4/20/2007 vs TEX r
Greg McMichael9/23/1997 vs NYN
Kevin Millwood4/14/1998 vs ATL
Dave Mlicki4/4/1998 vs NYN r
Guillermo Mota5/15/1999 at MON r
Terry Mulholland6/2/1997 vs CHN
Bobby Munoz8/2/1996 vs PHI
Heath Murray (1)6/19/1999 vs SDN r
Mike Mussina4/4/2006 at NYA
Denny Neagle6/28/2003 at COL
Russ Ortiz (1)8/3/2000 vs SFN
Donovan Osborne (1)9/15/1998 vs SLN r
Roy Oswalt8/24/2001 at HOU
Brad Penny6/5/2001 vs FLO r
Mark Petkovsek (1)9/15/1998 vs SLN
Mark Portugal (2)7/11/1998 at PHI
Luke Prokopec8/8/2001 at LAN
Brad Radke4/11/2006 vs MIN
Erasmo Ramirez (1)6/10/2004 vs TEX r
Horacio Ramirez8/30/2003 at ATL r
Steve Reed (3)8/9/2003 vs COL
Arthur Rhodes9/12/2005 vs CLE
Mariano Rivera5/6/2005 vs NYA r
Kirk Rueter (2)9/22/1998 vs SFN
Glendon Rusch (1)8/23/2002 vs MIL
Ken Ryan (1)9/11/1998 vs PHI
Ervin Santana9/24/2006 at ANA
Pete Schourek4/19/1997 at CIN
Jae Weong Seo4/17/2003 at NYN
Ben Sheets (2)7/3/2002 at MIL
Bill Simas6/30/1997 at CHA
Lee Smith5/25/1997 vs MON r
John Smoltz (1)4/16/1998 vs ATL
Rafael Soriano4/8/2006 vs SEA
Jorge Sosa6/14/2003 vs TBA r
Jerry Spradlin4/28/1997 vs PHI
Rob Stanifer (1)8/15/1997 vs FLO r
Brian Stokes5/5/2007 vs TBA
Jeff Suppan (1)8/27/2004 at SLN r
Mac Suzuki6/10/2000 vs KCA
Julian Tavarez9/24/2001 at CHN
Brian Tollberg8/10/2001 at SDN r
Salomon Torres (2)6/1/1997 at MON
Marc Valdes (1)5/22/1997 vs MON
Ed Vosberg8/16/1997 vs FLO
Terrell Wade5/9/1997 at ATL
Billy Wagner7/28/2001 at HOU r
Donne Wall6/24/1997 vs HOU r
Jarrod Washburn8/4/2006 vs SEA r
Jeff Weaver6/7/1999 vs DET
Turk Wendell (1)9/23/1996 at CHN
Mike Williams6/14/1997 at KCA
Scott Williamson4/3/2001 vs CIN
Woody Williams6/3/2004 at SLN
Paul Wilson (1)4/23/2004 at CIN
Randy Wolf (1)4/7/2004 at PHI
Steve Woodard (2)5/27/1998 vs MIL
Tim Worrell (1)9/10/1996 vs SDN r
Esteban Yan8/19/2003 vs SLN
Carlos Zambrano (2)5/30/2004 at CHN
Victor Zambrano6/13/2003 vs TBA


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