Friday, June 15, 2007

Mariners notes

Until Ichiro gains 2 more plunks on Craig Biggio's franchise total, Biggio has been hit by more pitches than the top 5 players in Mariners franchise history. Edgar Martinez is their franchise leader with 89 HBPs, but their top 5, at the moment, has a total of 282 plunks.
Here's the Mariners top 10 franchis HBP list:
Edgar Martinez - 89
Dave Valle - 60
Jay Buhner - 53
Ken Griffey - 47
Bret Boone - 33
Ichiro Suzuki - 33
Alex Rodriguez - 31
Phil Bradley - 31
Mike Cameron - 31
Alvin Davis - 28

As you can see, only 4 players have been plunked more in their career with the Mariners than Biggio was in the 1997 season (34). Biggio's season high is twice the single season record for the Mariners. Dave Valle had 17 in 1993, but no other Mariner has had as many as Kenji Johjima's 13 last season. Jose Guillen, though, has been hit 9 times already this season.

By some strange coincidence, the Mariners record for hitting batters is the same number as their record for being hit. Randy Johnson has still hit more batters than any other pitcher in the franchise's 30.4 season history, with 89.
Top 10 pitchers in career hit batsmen for the Mariners:
Randy Johnson - 89
Jamie Moyer - 79
Jeff Nelson - 43
Bill Swift - 40
Joel Pineiro - 36
Ryan Franklin - 36
Freddy Garcia - 36
Mike Moore - 29
Matt Young - 29
Mark Langston - 26

Randy Johnson also holds the single season Mariners record for hitting batters with 18, but this year, Mariners reliever Sean White has an excellent chance to break the team record in hitting batters in relief appearances. Ron Villone hit 9 batters as a reliever in 2004 (and another 3 as a starter), but White has hit 7 in as a reliever already this season.

The Mariners have employed, at some point in their careers, 13 of the 212 pitchers who have plunked Biggio. Only the Twins and Devil Rays have had fewer members of the Biggio plunkers club pass through their rosters. It would be 14 for the Mariners, if Umpire Doug Eddings hadn't denied Biggio the HBP thrown by Jeff Weaver on August 28, 2005, claiming Biggio didn't try to get out of the way. Biggio claims the pitch was a slider that started out behind him, and he therefor had no place to go.


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