Wednesday, June 13, 2007

biggio vs kendall part 2

168 pitchers have thrown Jason Kendall's 212 hbps, and 59 of them have also plunked Biggio. Those 59 pitchers who have plunked both of them have hit Biggio 94 times and Kendall 78 times. Jamey Wright is the all time leader in plunking Kendall with 6, and he also hit Biggio 4 times, which gives him the combined record for plunking Kendall and Biggio with 10. Pedro Astacio is next on that list with 8 (7 for Biggio, 1 for Kendall), and Chan Ho Park has hit them 7 times (4 for Kendall, 3 for Biggio). In all, 321 different pitchers have plunked either Craig Biggio or Jason Kendall. 13.3% of players who threw a major league pitch from 1988 to 2006 has hit one or the other of them, and 17.4% of players who pitched in the 1996 to 2006 seasons have hit at least one of them.

15 pitchers have plunked them both in the same season, with Rob Stanifer holding the record for hitting them both in the shortest period of time. Stanifer plunked Biggio on August 12, 1997, and hit Kendall in his next outing, 3 days later, on August 15, 1997. Danny Darwin plunked them 106 days apart, but on May 18, 1996, he hit Biggio with a pitch while pitching for the Pirates, with Kendall behind the plate. Darwin then got traded to Houston on August 15th, and plunked Kendall for the Astros on September 1. Biggio was playing second base at the time, but he did catch for Darwin from 1988-1990. Darwin is the only pitcher who both players caught for and got hit by.

Mark Portugal is the only pitcher who has plunked Biggio, Kendall and Don Baylor, making him the only modern era player to hit three of the seven members of the 200 plunk club. Someone probably hit Hughie Jennings, Dan McGann and Tommy Tucker in the 1890s, but nobody who hit Ron Hunt hit Biggio or Kendall.

As we know, the Astros are 147-116 when Biggio gets hit by a pitch at least once, and 14-6 when he gets hit multiple times. The Pirates were 80-83 when Kendall got hit at least once, but in the games he played for them and didn't get hit they were 447-593. So when Kendall got plunked for the Pirates he improved their win pct from .430 to .491, and they were .500 in games when he got hit twice. In Oakland, though, the A's are 140-121 in games in which Kendall played for them but didn't get plunked, but only 11-20 when he gets hit at least once. The A's did win the only 2 plunk game he's had since joining them. By my unofficial count, Jason Kendall has scored a run 67 times after he reaches base on an HBP.

Kendall, like Biggio, tends to hit better in games when he gets hit by at least one pitch, but Kendall's improvement is even more dramatic. He bats for a 11.7% higher average in games in which he is plunked at least once than when he doesn't get hit. Biggio's improvement in batting average is only 5.8% when he gets hit. Below is an overview of Biggio and Kendall's offensive numbers broken out by how many times they got hit by a pitch in the game. Their OPS numbers are remarkably similar, although Biggio has slugged better and Kendall

HBPs01 or 21201 or 212

Perhaps the most interesting contrast between the careers of Biggio and Kendall in terms of getting hit by pitches is this: Biggio gets hit 33% more often per plate appearance on dates when there is a full moon, but Kendall gets hit 62% LESS often when the moon is full.


At 6/13/2007 01:27:00 PM, Blogger Tom said...

Excellent post.

I've got a question for you regarding Big Game Plunks:

How many runs have been scored off of plunks in the heat of a playoff race near the end of the regular season (either coming around to score, or RBI plunk) - say, teams within four games with ten games left to play?

Who has been plunked most often in that situation? Does it coincide with that player's rank among all-time plunk leaders? (are plunk leaders usually on contending teams? season plunk total vs. team's finish)

or something a little easier:
How many players have been plunked in the playoffs and come around to score? Were any of those runs the determining run in the game?

How many players have been both plunked and intentionally walked in the same game?

At 6/13/2007 06:15:00 PM, Blogger pbr said...

I did a post a couple of years ago about Biggio's plunks when the Astros magic number is 10 or less, here, but he's gotten at least one since then.

Intentional Walks and plunks in the same game aren't that uncommon - Biggio and Kendall have done it three times each. Bagwell did it 11 times.

The rest will take more research. I've got most of the post-season plunks with runs scored, but I'm still missing about 150 of them. For the ones I have, people score runs after plunks about 21% of the time int he postseason.


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