Friday, June 15, 2007

Oakland out, Seattle in

The Astros lost another extra innings game yesterday, 6-5, and Craig Biggio didn't start but he did get a pinch hit single moving him to 2,985 hits. A's pitchers continued, though, to avoid the negative publicity that comes with plunking someone who's making a run at 3000 hits. 15 more hits though, and hopefully we can get back to trying to do something no one has done, rather than something 26 of the best players ever have done.

Tonight, the Seattle Mariners visit Houston, with 21 year old Felix Hernandez scheduled to pitch. Hernandez was born only 14 months before Craig Biggio was drafted by the Astros, and he would be the 2nd youngest pitcher ever to plunk Biggio if he does so tonight. Hernandez is about 3 months older than Kerry Wood was the first time he hit Craig Biggio with a pitch. Despite his young age, Hernandez has already hit 9 batters in 52 career starts. He has never faced Craig Biggio.

None of Craig Biggio's 283 career HBPs was recorded on June 15th, but he does have 24 career hits on this date.


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