Wednesday, June 06, 2007

unplunked Wednesdays

As you may know, today is Wednesday. You may also know that the Astros are in Colorado playing the Rockies tonight. But, did you know that Craig Biggio hasn't been hit by a pitch on a Wednesday since June 29, 2005, when Byung-Hyun Kim threw historic plunk 268 - at Coors Field for the Rockies?

Biggio has been plunkless in his last 41 Wednesday games, which is a little weird, because he also is plunkless in his last 40 games overall. He's been hit 4 times on Sundays, 3 times on Mondays and Saturdays, twice on Thursdays and Fridays and once on Tuesday since his last Wednesday plunk. But, coming into this season, he hadn't been hit on a Tuesday since the day before that last Wednesday plunk - June 28, 2005, by Jason Jennings at Coors Field.

Biggio's longest ever streak of not being hit by pitches on a particular day of the week was also on Wednesdays. He started his career by playing 106 Wednesday games without being hit by a pitch. His first Wednesday plunk was on May 19, 1993. But he's still made Wednesdays his 4th most plunked day of the week, with 43 in all.

Biggio's longest streak of getting hit in consecutive games on a particular day of the week is 4. He was hit by pitches on 4 consecutive Sundays from August 17 to September 7th, 1997 (and had 5 HBPs on those 4 Sundays). He was also hit by pitches in 4 consecutive games he played on Saturdays from April 27th to May 25th in 2002, although he did not play in the Astros game on Saturday May 18th that year. His longest Wednesday streak stretched from the last two Wednesday games of 1997, September 17th and 24th, to the first Wednesday of the 1998 season - April 1.


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