Tuesday, June 05, 2007

first meetings with former teammates

If Craig Biggio starts tonights game in the leadoff spot, Jason Hirsch can be the first former Astros pitcher ever to plunk Biggio as the first batter he faced against his old team. Danny Darwin and Brian Moehler both plunked Biggio in the first inning of their first game against the Astros after leaving the club, but in both cases he was batting in the two slot. Moehler left the Astros in 2003, then returned to the Majors in 2005, plunked Biggio on May 10th with the 4th pitch he threw him, and later returned to the Astros this year. Darwin left the Astros in 1990 and spent the next several years in the American League before moving back to the NL with Pittsburgh in 1996. He plunked Biggio on May 18th that year, with his first pitch to Biggio after striking out Brian Hunter. So obviously if Hirsch wants to return to Houston, hitting Biggio with a pitch is the way to do it.

The only other pitcher to plunk Biggio in his first game against the Astros after leaving the team was Mark Portugal. He left the Astros in 1993 and plunked Biggio in his first apperance against them on May 18, 1994. But, he waited until Biggio's third trip to the plate. He plunked Biggio again in his 4th outing against the Astros.

Ryan Bowen plunked Biggio in his second pitching appearance (April 12, 1994) against the Astros after leaving the team in 1992. Pete Harnisch and Pedro Astacio plunked Biggio in their third outings against the Astros after their stints with the team, but Astacio had already plunked Biggio 6 times before joining the Astros. Harnisch also hit Biggio with a pitch in his 4th and 5th appearance against the Astros, after leaving the team after 1994.

Ron Villone joins Mark Portugal as the only pitchers to plunk Biggio the year after leaving Houston (so far), but he saw them 3 times before plunking Biggio in his 4th outing against his old team. He came back to join the Astros in the 2003 season. The only other pitcher to leave the Astros, plunk Biggio, and then come back was Xavier Hernandez*, who left in 1993, plunked Biggio in his 6th subsequent appearance against his old team, on September 5, 1995, and returned to the Astros in 1996.

Jeff Juden, Darryl Kile, Willie Blair, Dave Veres, and Willie Blair again plunked Biggio in their 8th, 9th, 9th, 10th and 14th matchups with the team after they left.

*- I won't argue if you feel that Darryl Kile has rejoined the Astros, in some way.


At 6/05/2007 03:37:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you catch the Craig Biggio segment on ESPN a few days ago?

At 6/05/2007 07:30:00 PM, Blogger pbr said...

was that on the 6pm Saturday sportscenter? I knew they had done the interview, but didn't catch the broadcast. Can't someone put it on youtube or something?

At 6/05/2007 09:00:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 6/06/2007 06:21:00 AM, Blogger pbr said...

sweeeeet. Thanks for posting that, whoever did it.


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