Thursday, September 06, 2007

done at Miller, on to Shea, but off today

The Astros wrapped up their final visit to Milwaukee for this season with a 14-2 loss, but Craig Biggio was away from the team for personal reasons, so he couldn't get hit by a pitch. They're off today, but Biggio will be back with the team in New York tomorrow for the final visit to Shea Stadium of his career. In New York, the Astros are scheduled to face a guy who's hit 10 batters in only 15 career games, followed by the only player who has pitched over 3000 innings in the National League over the last 19 seasons without hitting Biggio with a pitch, followed by a pitcher who has hit 99 other batters since he last plunked Biggio.

Craig Biggio has never been hit by a a major league pitch on September 6th, and it's a safe bet he never will be.


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