Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Overall, Craig Biggio has been plunked most often by pitchers who entered the game with more wins on the season than loses. 121 of his 285 plunks have been thrown by pitchers who entered the game with a winning record on the season, to just 98 from pitchers with losing season records and 66 from pitchers with even records. But, in the month of September, the pitchers who plunk Biggio are even more likely to have a winning record than those who plunk him in other months. 22 of Biggio's 35 September HBPs were thrown by pitchers with winning records - about 63% of them. If you throw in his 2 October plunks, both thrown by a pitcher over .500 for the season, then 24 of his 37 plunks thrown after September 1 came from the hand of a pitcher with a winning record.

In April, Biggio has been hit most often by pitchers with even records - mostly ones who haven't recorded a decision yet. In May and June he's been hit most often by over .500 pitchers, but in July and August he's been plunked most by pitchers with losing records.

Monthover .500under .500even

The positive side of this is that among the 38 starting pitchers currently listed on the rosters of the teams the Astros still have to play this season, 22 of them have a winning record.

Biggio has been plunked most in September (6 times) by pitchers who are 6 games over .500 - and Tom Glavine is facing the Astros on Saturday with a 12-6 record - 6 games over .500. There are a number of other pitchers who could face Biggio while 6 games over .500 coming up as well - Ted Lilly for the Cubs and Tom Gorzelanny for the Pirates if their records stay even, Ben Sheets if he loses 1 more than he wins before they meet again, Adam Wainwright if he picks up two wins, John Smoltz if he wins 1 more, and Tim Hudson if he loses 2.

The most popular win totals for pitchers who plunk Biggio in September are 13 and 2 - he's been hit 4 times by pitchers who entered the game with 13 wins and another 4 times by pitchers coming in with 2 wins. Tom Gorzelanny, Ted Lilly and Adam Wainwright all have 13 wins at the moment, and John Smoltz, Braden Looper, Dave Bush, Ben Sheets and Jason Marquis all could conceivable face the Astros with 13 wins later this year.

In the loss column, Biggio has been hit 7 times in September by pitchers with 2 losses on the season, but the only starter on the Astros remaining schedule with 2 losses is Jo-jo Reyes. Tom Shearn could potentially reach 2 losses and face the Astros the last week of the season, but other than that, we'll have to look for a relief pitcher or a roster-addition if Biggio is going to get hit again by a pitcher with 2 losses this month.


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