Friday, September 07, 2007

Mets notes

  • If Pedro Martinez hits someone other than Craig Biggio with a pitch on Sunday, he'll be the only active pitcher who has hit 100 other batters since last plunking Biggio - unless the Astros call up Chan Ho Park.

  • If Pedro hits Biggio on Sunday, he will shatter Jamey Wright's record for most other batters plunked between plunkings of Biggio - Wright hit Biggio with his 17th and 67th plunks (among others), but Pedro could throw his 130th plunk to Biggio to go with his 30th. Pedro has hit 99 batters since last plunking Craig Biggio.

  • Among those who have plunked Biggio, only Kevin Brown (139) and Greg Maddux (13) have more career hit-batters than Pedro Martinez (129). But, Maddux and Martinez have both hit 128 batters not named Craig Biggio

  • Of the 10 pitchers with over 100 career hit-batters who count Craig Biggio among those they've plunked, only Pedro Martinez and Darryl Kile haven't plunked Biggio more than once.

  • Their are 16 active pitchers with more than 1500 innings pitched in the National League, and only 7 of them have not hit Craig Biggio with a pitch - led by Tom Glavine. Glavine (4325) and Curt Schilling (2516.2) are only ones with over 2500 NL innings without hitting Biggio with a pitch.

  • Glavine has faced Biggio 116 times, but never hit him with a pitch. Four pitchers have faced Biggio over 100 times, but only Glavine has failed to hit him with a pitch. Curt Schilling is next on that list, failing to plunk Biggio in 78 plate appearances.

  • The Mets franchise record for getting hit by pitches is held by Ron Hunt, who got hit 41 times with the team, between 1963 and 1966. Then he got hit 50 times in 1971 with the Expos.

  • Only two franchises - the Devil Rays and the Padres - have a lower franchise record career plunks than the Mets

  • On the pitching side, Al Leiter holds the Mets franchise record for career plunks with 63. Only 7 other teams have a franchise record lower than that.


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