Saturday, June 09, 2007

hit number 2,980 in Chicago

Craig Biggio hit his 52nd career leadoff homer in the top of the first inning last night, for his 2,980th career hit. But, he did not get hit by any pitches - which is just what you'd expect, because Craig Biggio doesn't get hit by pitches. Well, maybe he used to get hit by pitches, but not anymore. You must be thinking of someone else - some guy who gets hit by pitches sometimes. And the Astros won the game, 5-2, so obviously his strategy is working. Overall the Astros have won 1,292 games in which Craig Biggio played but didn't get hit by a pitch and only 147 when he has been plunked.

Today, the Astros will match up against White Sox starter Jon Garland. He hasn't hit anybody this year and he has only hit 35 batters with 20,604 career pitches. He's never hit Craig Biggio before, and there is no reason to assume that he might be able to do it today. Back when Craig Biggio use to get hit by pitches, Stan Spencer hit him on June 9, 2000, and Ken Ryan did it on June 9, 1996. But that was a long time ago. The Astros may be 2-0, on June 9th when Biggio gets hit by a pitch, but they have 8 wins on June 9th when he doesn't. I'm sure the 6 losses in June 9th games in which he didn't get plunked were just a coincidence.

Tomorrow Mark Buehrle pitches for the White Sox. He's hit 39 batters, but only 2 of them were this season. He probably can't hit Craig Biggio with a pitch, and he certainly shouldn't try. Biggio has never been plunked on June 10th and the Astros have 9 wins and 5 losses on this date when he plays and doesn't get hit.


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