Tuesday, June 12, 2007

495 plunks in Houston tonight

Well, the Astros didn't quite get shut out by Carlos Zambrano, but Craig Biggio got shut out on the stats sheet, at least in the categories in which he's chasing records or milestones. The Astros scored only one unearned run off Zambrano, who also homered in the Cubs 2-1 win. Armando Reynoso and Dontrelle Willis are the only pitchers who have homered and plunked Biggio in the same game.

Tonight, the baseball world will be lucky enough to witness the first matchup of two players with over 200 plunks each since 1899. Jason Kendall brings his 212 plunks to town, and he'll probably be behind the plate while Joe Kennedy pitches. Kennedy plunked Biggio on April 25, 2004 when he pitched for the Rockies, and Kendall has been the closest witness to 14 of Biggio's HBPs as a catcher for the Pirates. Kennedy comes to town looking to throw his 50th career plunk

The baseball and Craig Biggio have met four times on June 12th. In 1992, Michael Jackson of the Giants hit him on June 12th, and Greg Maddux plunked Biggio for the Braves on June 12, 1994. David Wells threw an interleague plunk at Biggio on June 12, 2003 in Yankee Stadium, and Chris Capuano threw Biggio's 251st plunk on June 12, 2004.

Joe Kennedy has never hit a batter on June 12th, but he's only pitched one game on this date (and that was an interleague one as well).

Jason Kendall was plunked once on June 12th, again in an interleague game, in 2004 by the Oakland A's while he was playing for the Pirates. Justin Duchscherer threw that one, Kendall's 168th.


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